Pain & Gain: 4 Additional Benefits Of Wisdom Teeth Extraction In Your Teens

3 January 2017
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Pain associated with wisdom teeth is one of the more common reasons to have them extracted from your mouth. The unnecessary teeth are not needed in humans and can cause a number of problems as they grow in and impact your mouth. As a teen, you may try to avoid the wisdom tooth extraction process, but there are several benefits to getting this process done at a young age. One of the more common benefits is to eliminate the pain associated with this procedure. Besides that, there are four benefits, particularly suited for teens. By understanding these benefits, you can get your wisdom teeth extracted and have a healthy smile for the rest of your life.

Bad Breath

As wisdom grow and position themselves in the mouth, there may not be a proper spot for the tooth to go. In many cases, all or part of the wisdom tooth can break through the gum. This often creates a small flap and pocket near the back of the mouth. This pocket can act like a trap for food and drinks that you eat on a daily basis. As these items build up, you will notice that it can cause bad breath and a bad taste in your mouth. Not only do food particles start to smell, but the gum flap can become infected and cause issues like gingivitis. As a teen, these breath issues can create problems for all types of situations. By getting the wisdom teeth removed, you will remove the imposing tooth and eliminate the gum flap issues in your mouth. Once the surgery fully heals, your mouth will feel clean and healthy.

Young & Healthy Mouths

As a teen, your mouth is at the best stage for wisdom tooth extraction. This is because your whole body is typically in a healthy state. The wisdom tooth itself is also not fully rooted in your mouth. This makes it easier for oral surgeons to gain access to the tooth and pull it out a lot easier. The bone structure in your mouth is also thinner than it would be as a grown adult. Not only will this help with the surgery of your mouth, but it can also help with the healing process.

Parent's Health Insurance

Paying out of pocket for wisdom tooth extraction could cost hundreds to thousands of dollars in many cases. The best way to help get this surgery is to have a dental health insurance plan cover it. As a teen, you may be covered under your parent's health insurance plan. By having this plan, you can have the proper coverage you need to get the surgery and pay nothing out of your pocket. If you get older and move away from home, you may not have the proper insurance to cover various costs. This can make it financially challenging to get the procedure done. It will ultimately result in more mouth pain and issues as the years go by.

Crowding Teeth

The longer you wait to have wisdom teeth removed, the more time your mouth can be impacted. As wisdom teeth grow in, they can push on other teeth in your mouth. This can cause teeth to move and crowd together. If you've already had braces or some type of mouth adjustment, then the growth of wisdom teeth may reverse any adjustments that have been made. The earlier you get the wisdom teeth removed, the less tooth adjustments will be made. By going in for an evaluation, detailed x-rays can show the positioning of the teeth and potential paths that they will take when growing in your mouth.

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