Tooth Extraction: When Is It Necessary and Why?

26 October 2023
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Maintaining good oral health is essential for a healthy smile. However, there are instances when a tooth extraction becomes necessary. This procedure involves removing a tooth from its socket in the jawbone and can be done for several reasons. This article will explore when tooth extractions are necessary and why they may be required. Common Reasons for Tooth Extraction Severe Tooth Decay: Tooth decay, also known as dental caries, is a prevalent dental issue that occurs when bacteria in the mouth produce acids that erode tooth enamel. Read More 

What To Expect With Dental Implants

1 September 2023
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Dental implants are a way to replace your natural teeth. Implants work much like your natural teeth and can be long-lasting if you take good care of them. Dental implants can replace just one tooth, or they can replace all of your teeth if you would prefer them over dentures. If you have a missing tooth/teeth, and you are looking to have it/them replaced, there are a number of things you should know beforehand. Read More 

3 Benefits Of Dental Implants

24 July 2023
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Your doctor may suggest getting dental implants if you are missing teeth. The implants are posts that get placed in the empty tooth socket embedded in the bone. When the implant site heals, a false tooth can be placed over the post. The tooth will look and function just like your own tooth. No one will know it's a false tooth unless you tell them. When your dentist suggests that you get a dental implant, they can tell you what some of the benefits of getting dental implants are. Read More 

Five Ways To Encourage Your Children To Floss

14 June 2023
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One of the first questions your pediatric dentist asks during an appointment is how often your child brushes and flosses. While teaching your child to brush is easy, teaching to floss can take work. Although flossing benefits your child's overall dental health, some children are scared or intimidated by the process. Fortunately, there are some ways to encourage your children and make it into a life-long habit. 1. Read Your Child Books On Brushing And Flossing Read More 

Should You Have A Missing Tooth Replaced?

9 May 2023
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When a tooth is extracted, it may leave a gap in your smile that can impact your appearance and oral health. You may be wondering if you need to replace a tooth that has been extracted. The short answer is yes, it is important to replace a missing tooth to prevent further dental issues. Here is what you should know: What Happens When a Tooth Is Removed? When a tooth is missing, the surrounding teeth can shift out of place, leading to a misaligned bite. Read More