2 Tips For Recovering From An Endosteal Implant Procedure

13 March 2017
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

If you decide to get endosteal implants, then they will be implanted in your jawbone. This procedure is typically carried out in two steps. The second step involves installing the connecting post to the implant in order to create a space for a cosmetic tooth. Since endosteal implants are invasive, the recovery process can be more intense than other cosmetic procedures. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can us to help make sure your recovery is as smooth as can be.

Avoid Grinding Your Teeth

If you struggle with teeth grinding, then this is something you should get under control prior to the procedure. Teeth grinding can not only irritate the surgical site and potentially loosen the implant, but it can also result in chips and cracks on the dental restoration. If you are unsure on whether or not you struggle with teeth grinding, you can check the tips of your teeth to see signs of small cracks. If you find out about your teeth grinding after the procedure, then you can enlist the help of calming teas to get your issue under control. Chamomile and coriander are considered to be calming herbs. The herbs can be created in a tea that you can drink before bed in order to prevent your jaw from tightening during sleep. The tea can be created by allowing the herbs to steep in hot water for a few hours. By this time, the water should be light brown and ready to drink.

Do Not Rush to Eat Solid Foods

One of the most difficult parts of undergoing dental implant placement is the change in diet. In order for your implant to heal correctly, you will need to switch over to a soft and mostly liquid diet. If you are accustomed to hard foods, then this can be difficult to do for a day, let alone a number of days. Therefore, it may be tempting to begin adding harder foods to your diet much earlier then recommended. However, doing this will only prolong your recovery and invite a potential infection. If you still want to taste your favorite hard foods, then you can consider cooking them until they are soft. This can be done with meats by placing them in a slow cooker. Fruits can easily be blended until they resemble smoothies.

Once you fully recover from your procedure, you will be able to enjoy your endosteal implants. Use these tips to help get you through the recovery process.