Three Thing To Know About False Teeth At Age 30

3 April 2017
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

When most people think about dentures or bridges, they think about older individuals needing these options. It is a possibility that you might have to seek out false tooth options at a younger age. If you are in your 30s and you are facing the possibility of needing false teeth for any particular type of reasons, here are a few things to know. 

There is no shame in pulling problem teeth 

If a tooth has had a number of issues, it can be best to pull the tooth. Sometimes a tooth will have a filling, then wind up needing a root canal. If more than one major issue has happened with a tooth, extracting the tooth can be an issue. Although many people may want to save a tooth, pulling out a weak tooth that is prone to infection or bacteria can keep the rest of your mouth and your body healthy. At age 30, concern for your overall health is definitely something to put on the forefront when it comes to dental issues. A tooth with more than one issue means that it may need to come out for your bodily health. 

Consider implants for back teeth

If you are having issues with your molars needing large fillings or root canals, you may be tired of dealing with tooth issues. If the molars in the back of your mouth are constantly rooting or chipping, you may be looking for a permanent solution. If you are interested in replacing your molars, you should look at dental implants. Dental implants will preserve your current tooth spacing and will preserve the gums and bone in your mouth. Though implants come at a higher cost, implants can last forever and will not need to be taken out of your mouth. Dental implants will also not root, lessening any dental issues at the back of your mouth. 

Dentures are fine for big issues

If a traumatic accident or the long term rotting of your teeth has caused severe issues in a number of places within your mouth, you may be interested in dentures. Getting dentures inserted at such a young age is often seen as something faulty. Dentures can restore a smile and make you much more confident in your appearance. Dentures can also be the lower cost option, rather than having many root canals, implants, and crown replacements. If you have a lot of dental issues are not enough money to care for all of these issues, dentures can be an issue. 

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