3 Suggestions For Improving Stained & Gapped Teeth

26 April 2017
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Stained and gapped teeth are embarrassing for many people and often lead to them trying to avoid smiling in public places. If your teeth are in such a condition, all you have to do is visit a dentist to find out what he or she can do to resolve the problem. Your budget and overall oral health will play a role in which methods of restoration a dentist will suggest. Below, discover tips in regards to bringing your stained and gapped teeth to condition that will not cause you embarrassment.

1. Make an Appointment for a Comprehensive Dental Exam

A dentist will have to find out if you have any oral health problems to be concerned about before any cosmetic work is performed. For example, you will need to undergo a comprehensive dental exam that will include every aspect of your mouth being examined. The dentist will look for problems with your gums, jawbones, teeth, and other areas as well. He or she will also search for signs of past dental work being in bad shape, such as if you have metal posts in your jawbones from past dental implants that fell out naturally or from an injury. The exam will give the dentist a good idea about the type of dental work you will need.

2. Get Your Teeth Thoroughly Cleaned & Whitened

To get rid of stains, a dentist will first have to thoroughly clean your teeth, such as by brushing them and performing the scaling procedure. Basically, the dentist will have to use a tool to manually scrape plaque off of each of your teeth during the scaling process. The scaling procedure will really be useful if there is tartar on your teeth, which is simply plaque that has become excessively hard. Root planing can also be performed, as it is done to get rid of plaque and ridges that are affecting the root of your teeth. Once your teeth have been thoroughly cleaned, the dentist can use a laser and potent fluoride to get rid of any stains that are left.

3. Close Up Gaps by Getting Metal Braces for Your Teeth

When you are satisfied with the extent of stain removal that is done to your teeth, you might want to get metal braces for closing the gaps. The perk of metal braces is that they are one of the most affordable ways for closing gaps. Metal wires and brackets will be installed on your teeth, and you will have to wear them until your gaps are closed to satisfaction. The process of reaching results is slow, but you will be happy with the results.