Summer's Here: 4 Ways To Protect Your Kids Teeth While They're Busy Having Fun

21 June 2017
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Summer has officially begun. It's time for the kids to take a break from school and enjoy their vacation. It's time for you to start worrying about their teeth. Kids don't always take as good care of their teeth as they should during the summer--they're just so busy having fun. Unfortunately, that lack of care can lead to serious dental issues, such as cavities, tooth decay, and even gum disease. Luckily, summer doesn't have to spell dental disaster for your kids. Here are four simple tricks you can use to help keep your kids teeth healthy this summer.

Start with a New Toothbrush

Now that summer is here, the first thing you should do is get your kids a new toothbrush. You might not realize this, but the toothbrush your kids use has a lot to do with how healthy their teeth are. First, dirty toothbrushes harbor germs and bacteria. Second, worn-out bristles don't get your kids teeth and gums as clean as they should be. To keep your kids teeth healthy, start the summer with new toothbrushes.

Make Snacking Healthier

Kids love to snack when they're home for summer vacation. Unfortunately, they don't always pick the healthiest snacks, especially when they're out-and-about the neighborhood with friends. Help ensure that your kids are choosing healthy snacks by having a ready-supply on hand. Fill your refrigerator with plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and cheese. Fill your cupboards with snacks like plain popcorn and pretzels. Healthy snacks promote healthy teeth, so make sure your kids have plenty of healthy choices to reach for.

Encourage Water-Drinking

When kids are on the run, they don't always head back home when they're thirsty. That usually means that they either go without the hydration that their teeth, and their bodies, need to stay healthy. Water washes the bacteria out of your kids mouths, and helps promote healthy teeth and gums. Not only that, but water also helps reduce bad breath. Now that summer is here, provide your kids with their own refillable water bottles. Encourage them to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Keep a Supply of Straws on Hand

You want your kids to have healthy teeth. That doesn't mean they have to avoid sugary drinks all summer. It does mean that they should protect their teeth while they're enjoying those sugary drinks. First, keep a supply of straws on hand, and encourage your kids to use them. Straws help keep sugar and carbonation away from your kids teeth, which reduces the damage that's done to the healthy enamel. Second, encourage your kids to rinse their mouths with a bit of water after each sugary drink they consume. The water will rinse the sugar out of their mouths and away from their teeth and gums.

Now that summer is here, make sure your kids teeth stay healthy. For other tips on how to protect your kids teeth this summer, be sure to speak to a dentist, such as those at Pedodontic Associates Inc.