Damaged Teeth From A Car Crash? Consider Dental Implants

28 December 2017
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Each year, as many as 50 million people are injured during automobile accidents. A medical professional can help you recover from broken bones or strained muscles, but what if you've got broken or missing teeth from the crash? A dentist can assess the damage and recommend a custom-made treatment plan for your teet. If you have healthy gums, dental implants can help you recreate your pre-accident smile. 

Constructed for Long-Term Use

After your automobile accident, you may receive funds for medical care that include dental repairs. These funds often appear as a one-time settlement or reimbursement, so it's important to choose a long-lasting dental solution for your damaged teeth. That's why many patients choose dental implants designed for permanent use rather than requesting dentures or dental bridges. With proper maintenance, including daily brushing and flossing, your dental implants may last for the rest of your life.

Natural Appearance

Prior to scheduling a dental procedure, you may worry that an upgraded smile may look odd or unnatural. That's not the case with dental implants as long as you work with a reputable dentist who understands how to create natural-looking dental enhancements. Before you request implants, meet with a highly rated dental practitioner and explain your concerns. The dentist can put your mind at ease by explaining exactly how he determines the size, shape, and color of each implant.

You can request teeth that match your pre-accident smile or give your entire mouth a makeover. Talk to a trusted dentist to figure out which option is best for your budget and lifestyle.

Suitable for Everyday Activities

Many people want a picture-perfect smile for selfies and family photos, but what about your daily activities? Dental implants are an excellent option for everyday use because you don't have to remove them before eating or bathing. They connect to your jawbone, and it's difficult for them to fall out or migrate to a different position. A whopping 98% of patients undergo a successful insertion after requesting dental implants.

Comfortable Dental Enhancement

If you're recovering from a car wreck, you may have numerous aches throughout your body. Fortunately, a dental implant treatment should not significantly increase your current spot on the pain scale.

From start to finish, there is very little discomfort associated with dental implants. A dentist can administer local anesthesia during the procedure and then prescribe post-procedure medication if needed. After you recover from your procedure, you should be able to eat, smile, and chat with friends without experiencing pain.

An automobile accident can damage your smile, but you don't have to live with cracked or missing teeth forever. Contact a local dentist to learn how you can incorporate dental implants into your post-accident recovery plan. You can also visit websites like http://www.treasuredsmilesdentistry.com.