Are You Starting a Second Career as a Public Speaker? 3 Ways a Cosmetic Dentist Can Improve Your Smile

23 February 2018
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After years of working in your chosen career field, you have a wealth of knowledge that you believe is important to share with others. While your colleagues are readying themselves for the next golf game in their retirement community, you are heading out on a brand new adventure as a public speaker. Naturally, your new public position requires you to take extra care with your appearance, and a cosmetic dentist provides options that can help you with these three common smile problems. 

Remove Stains

Those years of hard work may have earned you the distinction of being an expert in your field. However, time may have also taken a toll on your teeth. Over the years, habits such as drinking coffee or indulging in your favorite fruits such as blueberries may have led to your teeth developing unsightly stains. Unfortunately, deep set stains are not always possible to remove with normal brushing. As you explore cosmetic dentistry services, ask about tooth whitening procedures that can restore your teeth to a more youthful shade of white.

Cover Imperfections

Stains are not the only problem that can accumulate over time. Oral health habits such as tooth grinding may have caused some of your teeth to be ground down or be chipped. Alternatively, you may have gaps between your teeth that you never had time to correct with braces. Veneers are very thin shells that your cosmetic dentist places over the top surface of your teeth to hide imperfections. Since these can be matched to your natural teeth, you can use this service to create subtle changes in your smile such as making your teeth look more even in size.

Replace Missing Teeth

Whether you lost a tooth due to decay or an injury, having a gap in your smile detracts from your confidence. Smile makeover services include options for tooth replacement such as dental crowns and implants that allow you to show your teeth without embarrassment. You should also know that replacing a missing tooth in the back of the mouth helps keep the other teeth in front from shifting out of place. If you perform this service soon enough, then you can prevent more serious cosmetic concerns from occurring.

Now that you have decided to embark upon a new adventure in life, you need to make sure that you put your best face forward. Whether you need major changes or just a few minor adjustments to your smile, making your appearance a priority helps you deliver your message with confidence. Learn more about your options by contacting clinics such as Parklane Dental.