Oral Care When Wearing Braces

16 April 2018
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Braces help give your teeth a straighter and more beautiful smile. Those tiny brackets and wires can cause a bit of a difficulty when brushing and flossing, but you can't give up. Failing to brush properly when wearing braces can lead to white spots on your teeth when the brackets are removed later. Read below for oral care tips when wearing braces, as well as other helpful tips.

Brush Twice Daily

You should brush twice daily whether you have braces or not. Brushing two times per day for two minutes helps remove plaque and bacteria that can build up throughout the day. A regular toothbrush may not get into all of the nooks and crannies between the wires and gaps in the brackets, so a cone-shaped toothbrush made specifically for orthodontic oral care is good to have on hand. Use this toothbrush after eating to remove food particles that may be stuck to your brackets after eating.

Floss Daily

Floss your teeth daily to get in between the teeth. Flossing may feel a bit difficult with wires in the way, so you'll need to do this carefully to prevent damaging the wires or brackets. 

Take Care When Eating

Take care when eating, as some foods can damage your brackets. Hard foods such as apples, corn on the cob and carrots can cause damage to your brackets. When eating these types of foods, consider cutting up the apples and carrots, and cutting the corn from the cob instead. Other hard foods such as hard candy should be avoided. 

Foods that can stain your teeth should also be avoided. Caffeinated beverages should be limited as much as possible to prevent white spots on your teeth when the brackets are removed. Juice and other sugary drinks should also be limited as much as possible to prevent tooth decay.

Care For Your Braces

If you experience any problems such as a loose or broken bracket or wire, be sure to get to the orthodontic office to have these replaced. Don't attempt to glue a bracket on yourself, or replace a wire yourself, leave this to your orthodontist.

Wear your rubber bands as much as possible throughout the day. Don't wear them while sleeping to prevent choking in the middle of the night if one falls off. Wearing your rubber bands helps to move your teeth into place, so wearing the bands as much as possible can help make this happen promptly.

Wear and care for your braces according to your orthodontist's instructions. If you have any questions or issues with your braces, be sure to discuss this with a dental office like Orthodontic  Smilemaker.