Dental Visits After Dentures: Why?

21 July 2018
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Part of the relief you might feel after getting dentures is that you no longer have to worry about cavities and certain other teeth-related maintenance or issues. You may feel there's no reason to keep up with visits to any dentists in town. However, yearly dental visits are still essential even if you've got a complete denture set. Why?

1. Denture Cleanings

While you're likely vigilant with denture pastes and think you handle the pieces well, your dentist has equipment that can do a better job. Ultrasonic cleaners will make dentures sparkle, and polishing machines will buff the pieces so they look as good as possible. Your dentures will also be inspected for any chips, cracks, or similar damage.

2. Fitting Issues

If you've been bothered by the way your dentures are sitting against your jaw, the dentist will help. They'll examine the mold of each denture piece and can make changes that will help them feel better. Sometimes, the jaw will shrink slightly because teeth are absent in the area; new fittings over time will become necessary if that's beginning to take place with your own jaw.

3. Gum Disease

Your gums still need looking after when you've got partial or complete dentures. Periodontal disease is still possible, especially if you're a diabetic or have had gum problems in the past. Your dentist will evaluate gum health and perform deep cleaning techniques — such as planing and scaling — if the gums are clearly inflamed and showing signs of disease. Bleeding gums, soreness that you imagine is from denture wear, and other issues could all be connected to gum disease, so it's important that a dentist is looking out for periodontal problems before they get serious.

4. Infections and Ulcers

At times, denture wearers get infections. These need to be watched in order to be treated and prevented from spreading in the mouth. Your dentist will also want to see and monitor other sores, lumps, and unusual activity in your mouth. You may feel that the sores and lumps you're seeing are from constant contact with dentures, but your dentist will ensure it's not anything more, such as the first sign of oral cancer. If you notice a sore that isn't healing quickly, for instance, that should be examined by a dentist.

Due to pertinent issues like these, your dental visits should continue even after dentures enter your life. Keep regular appointments for your good oral health.