How To Make Your Dental Implants Last Longer

6 March 2019
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

When you get dental implants, you improve the health of your mouth and the way your smile looks. Since dental implants can be expensive, whether you have a co-pay with your insurance or pay for the procedure out of your own pocket, you want to make sure your investment lasts.

While dental implants are not real teeth, you should still take care of your implants so you can help them last. Your dentist will give you care tips to help your dental implants last as long as possible before having to be replaced. Here are things you can also do to help your dental work last longer and remain attractive for as long as possible.

Take care of your gums

Your gum health is vital to keeping your dental implants intact and durable as long as possible. Since your gums, along with your jaw bone, help keep your implants in place, you want to make sure you floss regularly and brush your teeth on a regular basis so you can keep your gums healthy.

The best way to care for your gums is to continue seeing your dentist regularly. Your dentist can do a periodontal cleaning, or a more extensive cleaning, on your teeth and gums if they suspect gum disease at any time. This way, you can keep your gums in healthy condition so your dental implants can stay in place.

Brush your implants

Whether you have a mouth completely set with dental implants or only a few dental implants in your mouth, you should brush your implants the same way you brush your traditional teeth. The key to healthy, beautiful implants is this: make sure to use a gentle toothpaste that is non-abrasive so you don't wear away your dental implant's surface, which can lead to stains and wear.

Your dentist will tell you the best type of toothbrush to use for your implants. You should brush twice a day as recommended.

Watch what you eat and drink

Dental implants can and do stain, so watch what you eat and drink. Coffee, tea, and other dark beverages stain teeth and can make them look aged. Certain foods, like pasta sauces, can also stain teeth. If you consume dark foods and beverages on the regular, rinse your mouth with water soon after consumption. This way, you can keep your smile whiter, longer. This will help your dental implants remain beautiful and new.

For more information on dental implants, talk to your dentist.