Missing One or More Teeth? Why You Need Dental Implants

3 February 2021
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Your teeth are one of the first things a person sees upon meeting you. Although each tooth is a relatively small member of the body, teeth have the ability to totally change your appearance. Beautifully white teeth brighten up your face and make you seem friendly. Conversely, when you are missing teeth you may not seem as open because you are likely doing everything in your power to hide the blemish. If you are missing teeth and wondering what to do about it, see how getting dental implants can help you in so many ways.

1. Preserve Your Remaining Teeth 

Although the teeth in your mouth may seem to be fairly permanent fixtures that are in good condition, this may not always be the case. Your teeth rely on each other to stay rooted in their position. When a single tooth goes missing it upsets the balance and could eventually cause the other teeth to shift out of their spots. If this happens, your smile may take on a worse appearance than ever before. 

You want to do what you can to stop this particular occurrence before it has a chance to start. Having dental implants installed deep within your gums serves as an anchor that preserves the positioning of your teeth. By doing this, you can hopefully avoid having to deal with the ramifications of both missing and crooked teeth!

2. Improve Your Looks

Everyone wants to put their best face forward to the world. When you are pleased with the way you look it becomes a lot easier to greet those around you with an inviting smile that makes it easy for others to approach you and strike up a conversation.

Dental implants not only boost the appearance of your smile but can also have a positive influence on the overall state of your looks. The places where you have missing teeth could be affecting your profile because you've taken on a sunken appearance in those places. The dental implants fill in the gaps so your face looks the way it should. Your self-esteem could experience a real rejuvenation after you undergo the procedure.

Getting dental implants just may be the start of a totally new way of being. No more hiding from social situations and turning down potential job opportunities. Contact services like Conestoga Oral Surgery to get the ball rolling on your new dental implant installation.