Wondering About Dental Implants? Learn More

25 August 2022
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You might be wondering what all the fuss is about dental implants. Could they really be that great? Read below for just a few of the many reasons why dental implants are the perfect solution for those missing teeth.


Dental implants save your other teeth. When a space exists, your other teeth can become loose. They can shift around, and bacteria can enter the gums. Your other teeth are all now in danger of decay caused by the missing tooth. Also, your teeth will remain straight with the support of a dental implant to keep them that way.

Dental implants can save your bones too. Your jawbone has a unique job. It supports the growth and health of the teeth that sit atop and below it. When a tooth is missing, however, your jawbone senses the absence, and bone growth is stunted. In some cases, the jawbone loses so much bone density that dental implant patients must get bone grafts before they get the implants done.

In addition, the jawbone supports your face. A missing tooth can cause your jawbone to shrink. That gives the face a sunken, older appearance. Don't wait too long to have your implant surgery scheduled so that you can avoid bone loss.


Dental implants are worry-free because they are meant to last for years. Once your implant is in place, you can expect many years of carefree use. Depending on the material used and the type of implant you choose, you won't need to worry about that issue for a very long time.

Ask your dentist about the effect the material used in the implant has on longevity. Also, certain surgical techniques may create a longer-lasting implant. For example, implants in a day may not last as long as the type that requires several visits.

Match Original Teeth

Dental implants look and feel great. Implants look just like your own natural teeth because your dentist carefully matches the crown shape and color to your own color. Your social confidence will improve because you won't have to worry that someone will notice your implant — they won't. They also feel natural — you won't even know they are there after a day or so.

Ask your dentist about the shading of your implant if you intend to undergo teeth whitening in the future. Some dental implant materials cannot be lightened. That means you might want to have the lightening done before the implant surgery.

Speak to your dentist to find out more things about dental implants.