3 Benefits Of Dental Implants

24 July 2023
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Your doctor may suggest getting dental implants if you are missing teeth. The implants are posts that get placed in the empty tooth socket embedded in the bone. When the implant site heals, a false tooth can be placed over the post. The tooth will look and function just like your own tooth. No one will know it's a false tooth unless you tell them. When your dentist suggests that you get a dental implant, they can tell you what some of the benefits of getting dental implants are. 

Bone Retention

When you lose teeth, your body starts to reabsorb the bone in that area. That can cause your face shape to change. The more teeth you lose, the more it will happen. It will also cause your face to start to sag and can make you look older than you are. However, the post of the dental implant will act like the root of your tooth and help keep that bone nice and robust. 

Stable Teeth

Part of the way that your teeth stay stable in your mouth is to have all your other teeth pushing in on their neighbors. When you permanently lose a tooth, a gap is going to be created, and the rest of your teeth can start to move out of place. Not only will your teeth be less stable that way, but they can also be a little wiggly. The fact that you have a missing tooth and that the rest of your teeth are less stable also puts your other teeth at risk for damage, because there isn't as much protection for them because of that gap.  

Less Risk of Gum Disease

The gaps in your teeth can also act as a place to trap food and bacteria. That bacteria can cause gingivitis, which can also cause damage to your other teeth, including raising the risk of losing more teeth. However, the implant will fill that gap, and with it filled, there isn't a place for bacteria to get trapped and cause gum disease. 

If you are missing teeth, your doctor may suggest that you get dental implants. When they suggest them, your dentist can tell you what the benefits of having implants are and why they think that you are a good candidate for them. Getting implants is a process, but it is one that can be good for you to do. 

Contact your dentist for more information about dental implants.